Resident Director

Dani Juárez and his wife Rosi

Dani came to work as a companion-caregiver at Casa de Esperanza more than 5 years ago. During that time he has graduated as a nurse. In 2010, with the crisis of staffing Covid created, Dani moved into the home and became it’s director. Gradually his role has expanded into supervising the staffing and programs at Hijas del Rey as well. He is also the designated ministry driver, a position which was sorely needed. Living in the Hijas del Rey home along with his wife, Rosi, his day-to-day involvement with both homes and their residents is indispensable to the operation of this aspect of Reason to Hope.


Candelario (Layo)

Layo moved into Casa de Esperanza in January of 2020 along with his brother, Santiago. The young men had aged out of the children’s home here in Guatemala, and it was felt they both needed a supported living environment. Layo soon showed us his independence and reliability, as well as good judgment. When Covid hit in March of that year, Layo took on the responsibilities of a companion-caregiver in the home. He is dedicated to serving our young men, as well as befriending them. This past year Layo has successfully returned to school to complete his education despite some significant learning disabilities. We are so honored to have him working with us.

Miguel and his family

Miguel was, in fact, our first companion-caregiver when Casa de Esperanza opened in 2013. He and his wife, Mirna, have one daughter. A barber by profession, he left us for a while to open his own barber shop in Chimaltenango where he lives with his family. Over the years he has maintained a strong friendship with our residents, and recently returned to work with us part time. His long standing relationship with Reason to Hope makes him a valued member of our team.

Antonio (Toni) and his family

Toni, who is Miguel’s brother, was also one of our original companion-caregivers. He had previously been working as a tuk-tuk (mototaxi) driver when he first joined our team. He and his wife Jessica have one daughter and a new baby due in April. Toni left us for a while to pursue other occupations, but recently returned to our team when we had an opening. He enjoys working with our men, and has a good balance of being a friend while enforcing the routines required by community living.


Felix, our newest staff member, travels 2+ hours on a chicken bus, coming from Santa Cruz Balanyá, to work with us. As a single man, he has become the backbone of our caregiving team. He is eagerly available to serve whenever needed, and has demonstrated a remarkable bond with each of our men. He has previously been a farm worker and mason’s assistant, though he was orginally trained as a preschool teacher. Having the heart of a teacher, he is now working with our men who need to improve their academic skills in addition to his caregiving duties.

Rosi and her husband Dani

Rosi has been part of the life of Reason to Hope since marrying Dani almost four years ago. When the residents of Hijas del Rey moved to their permanent home in Ciudad Vieja, she joined our caregiving team, living in the home along with her husband Dani. While not directly responsible for the coordination of the homes, Rosi fills a number of volunteer roles, including keeping track of the daily finances. Along with her caregiving and volunteer obligations, she is also studying to become a Speech-Language Therapist.

Maria de los Santos

Maria has worked part time at the Hijas del Rey women’s home since 2019. She has been with us through two previous relocations of the home, before moving into our “forever home” in Cuidad Vieja. She comes to us from the Mayan village of Santa Maria de Jesús. Married to Mario, who is a tailor in the village, they have one darling daughter Fatima.

Alejandra with her daughter Andrea

Ale does double duty with Reason to Hope. Two days a week she serves at the cook at Casa de Esperanza, as well as covering two 24 hours shifts as a companion-caregiver at Hijas del Rey. She is a single mom with four children who have become part of our family. Her oldest son often comes just to hang out at our house, while her youngest daughter (shown above with Fidel) has become the “mascot” of Casa de Esperanza.

Yessica (Jessie)

Yesi (the Spanish spelling of Jessie) is a single young woman who also comes from the village of Santa Maria de Jesús. She has worked for us part time since 2019 while also pursuing a university degree in nursing. She will graduate December 16, 2023 from this program and hopes to pursue a career in community based nursing. While she will leave a huge hole in our team when she finds a nursing position, we are so very proud of her success and determination in becoming a professional nurse.